The Opportunity Fund

Our community established a fund to support immigrants in their path of building a better future. The fund provides no-interest loans and small grants for tuition, examination fees, accreditation, vocational training programs, ESL, and other investments in education.


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We Believe That:

Access to education is a human right.

Education yields more than a job.

Investing in ourselves is most sustainable.


We are always looking for supporters who can offer expertise, who are sharing opportunities for hire, or and/or who want to contribute financial resources to the fund.


Tell us about an opportunity you are considering to see if our experience or resources can help.

Preferred Educational Partners

Academy for Dental Assisting

We at Academy for Dental Assisting welcome you to a new, innovative course in dental assisting. We offer a course designed to give you the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to start your new career as a Dental Assistant, at a minimum cost of time and expense.

(832) 643-9945

9700 Richmond Ave. Ste 110
Houston, TX 77042

HCC Academic Advising

Our close friend, Rand Omran, helps members of the community find their way in the many different systems of Houston Community College. She is available to help with career planning, transcript evaluation, and general inquiries.

1300 Holman St.
Houston, TX 77004

Lane Cert Cisco Network Academy

IT professionals and network specialists have had great success working with Lane Cert academy to receive training certifications in various Cisco Network specialties. Our community members are happy to share their experiences with this program to make sure it best fits your needs.

(832) 539-3333

12989 Bellaire Blvd #4A
Houston, TX 77072

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