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Expanding networks for newly arriving Houstonians

This portal is designed to connect immigrants with new friends based on their specific needs and personal interests. By joining the network, members can help us find the right Houstonian who can offer vital guidance in the process of adjustment through employment mentorship, social support, or language acquisition.

We learn about a family or individual who would benefit from mentorship, employment guidance, or social contacts.

We send a message to our network. It passes from friend to friend until we find the ideal network connection.

We facilitate an introduction, based on availability and comfort of each participant.

Recent Requests

Medical Researcher

A woman from Iraq is looking for opportunities in medical and dental research to help restart her career in dentistry.


Dietician Intern

A young immigrant is interested in learning more about pursuing her career as a dietician. She is looking for a place to intern for 6-10 weeks.


Engineering Programs

A recent arrival from Venezuela worked as an engineer in Oil & Gas before fleeing to Houston. She needs help choosing coursework to best utilize her previous experience.


Physical Therapist

A woman from Syria has a background in nursing and is searching for the right training programs. She wants insights into physical therapy assistant programs being offered to her.


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